By the end of the session, you will:

  • Enhance your communication and influence a range of stakeholders
  • Develop influencing techniques within both oral and written communication
  • Put techniques into practice through short activities


Influence is often seen as something that only skilled leaders do well, or a technique that takes years of study and practice. In this short interactive workshop, we will debunk these myths, and help you explore and develop your 'influential edge' regardless of your role, position, preferred communication style(s), and medium.

We will look at ways to influence people in everyday workplace situations: when giving short presentations, writing and responding to emails, giving opinions at meetings and in conference calls, and negotiating or in conflict with others.


This mini-workshop will be broken down into four sections, each focusing on a specific workplace situation. Within each section participants will learn/revisit theory, have discussions, and take part in short scenarios to effectively move from awareness, to basic skill building. As part of each section, we will also look at how culture, personality, and identity further influence outcomes.

1. Situation: Presenting Information

  Influencing Focus: Using Your Voice

2. Situation: Writing and Responding to Emails

  Influencing Focus: Navigating Direct and Indirect Language

3. Situation: Giving Input at Meetings

  Influencing Focus: Developing Effective Persuasion Frameworks

4. Situation: Negotiations and Conflict

  Influencing Focus: Taking Positions/Building Relationships

*Note: Due to COVID 19, we will need all guests to fill in the Travel and Health Declaration online during registration. This is for all the participant's health safety and follows the Local Taiwan regulations. Thank you for your understanding in advance.



3:45 PM - 4 PM
4 PM - 5:50 PM
Training Workshop


  • Terry Rogocki (Head of Training and Development at Lado Management Consultants)

    Terry Rogocki

    Head of Training and Development at Lado Management Consultants

    Purpose and Promise
    Terry believes that creativity and communication are central to being more effective, and is motivated to bring these ideas into his client experience. He treats every client session as unique, and as such, is committed to discover individual strengths, and develop areas of improvement.

    Profession and Practice
    Terry has been a school director, university instructor, trainer, facilitator, and writer. He has also chaired two committees focused on intercultural education and international development. These experiences have taught him how to listen, engage in discussions, and ask questions as a way for clients to explore their professional needs.

    Terry is driven by curiosity and the constant search for ways to communicate more effectively across cultures. He loves to travel, and has visited 90 countries and lived and worked for extended periods in 7 others.

    Training Profile
    - Soft Skill Topics: Communicating across cultures, leading in organizations, public speaking/ presenting, working in teams, problem solving, building creativity, negotiating, resolving conflict
    - General Topics:
    Global issues, current events, politics, travel, technology and society

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*Note: Due to COVID 19, we will need all guests to fill in the Travel and Health Declaration online during registration. This is for all the participant's health safety and follows the Local Taiwan regulations. Thank you for your understanding in advance. 



British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

26F, President International Building
No 9-11 Song Gao Road

Taipei, Taiwan

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