British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

The British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCTaipei) is a value-adding resource that champions the business and social interests of its members in Taiwan. Made up of large and small corporations, individuals, and overseas associations, BCCTaipei is a strong and cosmopolitan mixture of successful enterprises in diverse industries.
BCCTaipei acts as a key resource for UK companies interested in the Taiwan market by ensuring that businesses, especially SMEs, have a direct line to assistance and networks. They provide landing pad services and offer a united but unbiased commercial perspective on all issues affecting British business interests in Taiwan, and Taiwan business interests in the UK.
BCCTaipei provides a broad range of membership activities and events including business networking opportunities and free for member Talent Development Workshops. BCCTaipei also has a number of Signature Events including the St Andrews Day Ball, Charity Golf Tournament, and the Christmas Charity Auction. We also have a number of specific events, large and small, throughout the year focusing on CSR and Women in Business.
The Chamber is housed inside the British Office and shares a very close relationship to the Foreign Office, Department for International Trade and the British Council, and holds periodic joint events with other foreign chambers.
In conjunction with membership activities, BCCTaipei has donated over 17 million NT dollars to local Taiwanese charities, and has an active program to support the CSR initiatives of its members in Taiwan.

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Awards Details


06 Aug 2021

The online application platform will be officially closed on (12:00 am) midnight of Aug 6. If you have any questions or would like to submit additional documents, please email / or call us on (02) 2720-1919.

Thank you! 


The Fifth Annual BCCT Better Business Awards (BBA) is open for application NOW! 

One of BCCT's main pillars is Responsible Business and we celebrate this year in seven areas: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social Enterprise, Diversity, Business Leader of the Year, Green Energy, Climate Champion and Innovation for Wellbeing. Your company is welcome to apply for any of these categories. 

Join us this year for the awards ceremony on the 29th of September (Wed), Regent Hotel at 6:30 pm for a special dinner and award ceremony to help us honour the outstanding contributions of some great organisations. <Register Here>

第五屆 台北市英僑商務協會 (BCCT) 優良企業貢獻獎開始報名囉! 

今年,優良企業貢獻獎獎項將針對 7 個類別,包括企業社會責任、社會企業、企業多元文化、最佳企業領袖、最佳再生能源、最佳企業氣候行動獎、最佳創新健康福祉 等,對企業及個人以予表揚,這將會是一個分享您企業故事的絕佳機會,即日起至 8 月 6 日 報名申請,讓我們共享讓社會變得更美好的精神與實踐力。

本次頒獎典禮會在 9 月 29 日 (三) 於台北晶華酒店舉行,歡迎報名參加,一同來參與這場盛大的頒獎典禮,表揚這些傑出與對社會做出很大貢獻的公司組織吧!  <在此報名>

Award Categories l 獎項

<Click each award for more information.>

*Note: In order to ensure fairness and diversity of awards, the winner of last year cannot reapply for the same award this year, but can apply for other award categories. If you have any questions, please email or dial T: +886 (2) 2720 1919. (This regulation does not apply to finalists.)

Timeline l 重要日期

  • 18 June: Official Awards Launch | 公布今年獎項項目
  • 21 June: Awards Applications Open | 報名申請開始
  • 06 August: Applications Close | 報名申請截止
  • 01 September: Finalists Announcement | 公布各獎項入圍名單
  • 29 September: Awards Ceremony Dinner in Regent Taipei | 頒獎典禮

Application Process l 申請流程

How to Apply? l 如何申請報名

No Application Fee Required!

  1. Download: Download the Application Form in the different categories  l  下載各別獎項申請表
  2. Application Form: Complete the application form  l  完成申請表
  3. Upload/ Send: Submit it in our Upload Application form area or you can also Email to BBA Marketing by the 6th of August.  l 請於 8 月 6 日前,上傳申請表與附件到 上傳報名表頁面 或是 Email 至以上信箱

Please don't hesitate to contact our Event Manger, Tina Wang ( , (02) 2720-1919) if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your applications.

如果您對獎項有任何疑問,都歡迎 Email 至 或是撥打 (02) 2720-1919 來電詢問,我們期待收到您的報名。

Download Application Form l 下載申請表

Business Leader of the Year Award

Submit your Business Leader of the Year Award application form here

Standard PriceFree

Climate Champion Award

Submit your Climate Champion Award application form here

Standard PriceFree

CSR Award

Submit your CSR Award application form here

Standard PriceFree

Diversity Award

Submit your Diversity Award application form here

Standard PriceFree

UKRC Green Energy Award

Submit your UKRC Green Energy Award application form here

Standard PriceFree

Innovation for Wellbeing

Submit your Innovation for Wellbeing application form here

Standard PriceFree

Social Enterprise Award

Submit your Social Enterprise Award application form here

Standard PriceFree

Press Releases & Videos l 新聞稿 & 歷屆影片花絮

Sponsors and Partners

FAQ l 常見問題

Question 1: 

There is no application fee for the awards. Is there, however, an extra charge? For example, entry fees, award fees, and sponsorships following a win.



Extra fees, such as entry fees and winning fees, will not be required. If your company is chosen as one of the finalists, we will provide two complimentary tickets to the awards ceremony. You'll have to pay the third person and up if you want additional individuals to participate. In addition, there are no additional expenses.


Question 2:

Why does BCCT choose to hold this award if they don't charge any fees?



We intended to give back to society while also praising individuals and corporations. We encourage everyone to contribute in order to make this country a better place.


Question 3:

If we are not BCCT member or British Company, can we apply the awards?



Of course you can. One of BCCT's main pillars is Responsible Business. Companies from both the local and foreign countries are welcome to apply. We are more than welcome any company to apply our Better Business Awards!


Question 4:

Is it possible for a company to apply for more than one award?



We do not limit the number of awards companies can apply for, we are more than happy to receive more than one award application form from you, as long as they meet the requirements of each award.


Question 5:

Which award(s) are we suitable for?




This year, we're celebrating in seven areas, and your company may be interested in participating in one or more of them depending on your specific situation:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award: This award is to recognise a company operating in Taiwan that demonstrates excellence and/or innovation in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.
  • Social Enterprise Award: This award is open to Taiwan-based social enterprises (company limited or company limited by shares)
  • Diversity: This award celebrates a corporation championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Business Leader of the Year Award: The award is different than others. This award is to recognise a business leaders significant achievement covering diversity & inclusion, social enterprise, sustainability and promoting cross border economic relations is at the core of what we stand for.
  • Green Energy Award: This award has been developed to recognise a company currently operating in Taiwan's renewable energy sector that has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to achieving this goal and the development of Taiwan's domestic supply chain over the past twelve months.
  • Climate Champion Award: This award is presented to companies that have integrated climate action into all aspects of their business operations.
  • Innovation for Wellbeing Award: This award recognises companies that support the delivery of health, protection and wellness needs in Taiwan through innovation way, we hope to make health and wellbeing more accessible and affordable for all at all ages.

今年獎項分別針對 7 個類別, 貴公司可根據自身狀況考慮參與評選:

  • 企業社會責任獎:此獎項旨在表彰在台公司卓越創新的企業社會責任 (CSR) 計劃。
  • 社會企業獎:此獎項開放予台灣本地"社會企業 (社企公司)"報名參與評選。
  • 企業多元文化獎:表揚企業倡導多元文化與共融作出的努力。
  • 最佳企業領袖獎:表彰鼓舞人心的領導者和永續發展倡導者。
  • 最佳再生能源獎:此獎項鼓勵及表揚台灣優良再生能源相關企業,並促進產業界、學術界及公眾對再生能源的認識。
  • 最佳企業氣候行動獎:凡是有為減少碳足跡而採取重大企業政策、在氣候行動上處於領導角色的企業均可報名角逐。
  • 最佳創新健康福祉獎:通過創新來協助提升各年齡層之健康福祉的企業皆可報名參與。


Question 6:

We weren't finalists and/or winners the year before. Is it possible for us to apply this year again?



As there are various applications per year, the competitors will vary. Also, we believe after one year, your company definitely improve a lot after the year before reviewing. As a reason, we highly encourage corporations to apply for the awards again.


Question 7:

If we are the previous year's award winner, can we apply for the same award this year again?

If we are previous year's award finalists, can we apply for the same award this year again? 




For the previous year's award Winner: 

In order to ensure fairness and diversity of awards, the winner of last year cannot reapply for the same award this year, but we are welcome you to apply for other award categories. 

For the previous year's award Finalist:

Yes, please don't be hesitated to apply the award again this year. :) 


為了讓更多人有機會可以參與角逐與提高多元性,去年的該獎項得主是不能再申請今年的該獎項唷! 但我們很歡迎該公司申請其他獎項項目。



Question 8:

Is it still possible to apply if our plans for COVID-19 have been disrupted?



Since the local COVID-19 situation in Taiwan has escalated since mid-May, many companies' plans have been thrown into disarray or have become hard to accomplish. Nonetheless, we encourage that you apply for the awards. You may specify your initial plan and some programme evidence before the pandemic time on the application form. We believe the judges will sympathise with your circumstances.


自 5 月中旬,本地疫情日益嚴峻,許多公司的計劃因此被打亂,甚至無法執行。然而,我們仍鼓勵各企業申請獎項,另可在申請表上闡述貴公司原訂計劃或是疫情前有做到的實證,深信評審皆能理解。

Question 9:

Is there a Chinese application form?



To minimise misconceptions caused by translation, we only give the English application form; however, the application language can be either Chinese or English. Only The Green Energy Award and Climate Champion Award are currently only accepted in English.


Question 10:

Can we still apply despite our modest firm's size?



The size of the company has no bearing on the award judgments. All corporations are encouraged to apply for the awards.


If you have more questions about our Better Business Awards, please feel free to email: or 02-2720-1919。