British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

The British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCT) is a value-adding resource that champions the business and social interests of its members in Taiwan. Made up of large and small corporations, individuals, and overseas associations, the BCCT is a strong and cosmopolitan mixture of successful enterprises in diverse industries.
The BCCT acts as a key resource for UK companies interested in the Taiwan market by ensuring that businesses, especially SMEs, have a direct line to assistance and networks. They provide landing pad services and offer a united but unbiased commercial perspective on all issues affecting British business interests in Taiwan, and Taiwan business interests in the UK.
The BCCT provides a broad range of membership activities and events including business networking opportunities and free for member Talent Development Workshops. The BCCT also has a number of Signature Events including the St Andrews Day Ball, Charity Golf Tournament, International Football Tournament, and the Christmas Charity Auction. We also have a number of specific events, large and small, throughout the year focusing on CSR and also Women in Business.
The Chamber is housed inside the British Office and shares a very close relationship to the Foreign Office, UKTI, and the British Council, and holds periodic joint events with other foreign chambers.
In conjunction with membership activities, the BCCT has donated over 11 million NT dollars to local Taiwanese charities, and has an active program to support the CSR initiatives of its members in Taiwan.


Announcement 📢📢📢

Due to concerns about COVID-19 pandemic recently, we at the BCCT are concerned for the safety and wellbeing of our members and friends. We have decided to postpone the BCCT AGM as we evaluate the situation. We will confirm more detail and announce it soon. Stay tuned with us! 

Hope everyone stays safe and healthy, we look forward to seeing you all soon! 

因應近期新冠疫情升溫,為了保護所有參與人的健康與安全,BCCT 決定延期原訂於5月21日的年度會員大會,更多的消息會再公布,請關注我們! 期待能再與大家相見! Keep well and stay safe!  

The BCCT Annual General Meeting takes place on the 21st of May this year. This is a very important date for a number of reasons:

  1. We will have our Board of Governors who will be overseeing the mission and the growth of the Chamber for the next year.
  2. Current Board members and staff will highlight the work we have been doing over the last year.
  3. It is a requirement by law that we have an annual meeting (with a quorum). We really need you or your company representative to attend.
  4. And its free - for our members - to say thanks for another year of support.

This year we are happy to have our BCCT member, Long Life Trading Co., Ltd. presenting The King's Ginger​. Come to join our AGM and enjoy the golden taste of their King's Ginger Cocktails!

We look forward to seeing you at the Sherwood Hotel on the May 21st. Save the date! 


October 15, 2021

Main Schedule

5:30 PM
6:00 PM - 6:05 PM
Chairman’s Greeting
Carl Blundon (Head of APAC at Taylorhopkinson)
6:05 PM - 6:10 PM
British Office Representative’s Remarks
John Dennis (Representative at The British Office in Taipei)
6:10 PM - 6:20 PM
Membership Support
Richard Stokes-Green (CEO of BCCT)
6:20 PM - 6:25 PM
Government Engagement and Trade
6:25 PM - 6:30 PM
Treasurer’s report
6:30 PM - 6:55 PM
Responsible Business and Committee report
6:55 PM - 7:00 PM
CEO’s closing remarks
Richard Stokes-Green (CEO of BCCT)
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
AGM Reception

Special for This Year AGM

We will be presenting two cocktails blended with the King's Ginger

at the AGM this year.

The King's Ginger Liqueur became famous in the reign of King Edward VII when, at the request of the King's doctor, it was produced as a warming drink for His Majesty to take after winter morning rides in his new horseless carriage. The distinctive smooth ginger flavour is perfectly balanced by a pleasingly clean, dry finish. 

This year we are happy to have our BCCT member, Long Life Trading Co., Ltd. presenting The King's Ginger​. Come to join our AGM and enjoy the golden taste of their King's Ginger Cocktails!

A Revitalising And Warming Spirit

First crafted by Berry Bros. & Rudd for King Edward VII in 1903, The King's Ginger is golden in colour and delightfully robust in flavour. A revitalising and warming spirit that brings people together.

The King's Ginger is wonderfully uplifting when enjoyed on its own and comes to life in many delicious cocktails.

It's the perfect foundation for any occasion.

Tasting Note

  • Colour: Hay and straw, rich golden syrup.
  • Nose: It is unmistakably Ginger – a cloud of fresh natural ginger with a faint aura of zesty lemon swiftly entices the first sip.
  • Palate: The initial flow of ginger syrup sweetness is gently interrupted by the tingle of fresh ginger and a subtle and gentle uplift of lemon citrus. Warm, fulfilling and of great length.
  • ABV: 29.9%

Member Ticket

Standard PriceFree


Standard PriceTW$ 1,300



台北西華飯店 The Sherwood Taipei
Section 3, Minsheng East Road111
Songshan District, Taiwan

3F Ballroom
Address in Chinese: 105台北市松山區民生東路三段111號
Tel: 02 2718 6666

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For additional event or venue information, please email richard.stokes-green@bcctaipei.comYou can also reach us at +886 227201919

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