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The BCCT is co-hosting a webinar on Social Enterprise with one of our valued members, KPMG. The webinar comes at a crucial time for social enterprises as increasing light is being shed upon the importance of this sector during a time of COVID lockdowns and the financial difficulties that come with it. 

Social Enterprises differ from traditional businesses in that they often work towards achieving a social objective and keep the interests of their community at the forefront of their business model. As a result, this mission based measurement sets them apart from the solely profit-driven ideals of traditional businesses. 

In this webinar we will have two speakers sharing exciting insights into social enterprise thinking, as well as key observations in the successes and difficulties of social entrepreneurship in both Taiwan and the UK.

Niven Huang

As the Managing Director of KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co., Ltd. Niven Huang will share some key observations in the growing social innovations movement in the Asia Pacific region, with special emphasis on Taiwan. Even in these challenging times, Niven hopes to uncover the silver lining by drawing attention to potential opportunities. 

Steven Parker

Our former CEO and current CEO at Cottingham International Ltd, Steven Parker is a passionate advocate for social enterprises and will highlight some success stories from the UK, the pioneer of social entrepreneurship. Based in Taiwan, Steven can also provide insight into the consensus in Taiwan, drawing links to BCCT's Better Business Awards and finally, why social enterprises are the future of work. 

Come and join us! You can register online by clicking on the link above. This is something you simply can't miss!

This Online Workshop will be conducted primarily in English and Chinese.


本月,台北市英僑商務協會將與本年度優良企業貢獻獎 - 最佳社會企業獎之贊助會員 KPMG安侯建業聯合會計師事務所,攜手舉辦一場社會企業線上論壇活動。

社會企業 與傳統企業的不同之處在於,社會企業通常致力於實現社會目標,並將社會利益置於其商業模式的最前端,環繞在經濟、環境、與社會且永續經營的新商業模式,以促進社會問題能被有效降低或解決,並回饋社會的使命使他們有別於傳統企業以利潤為導向的理想。

在本次的線上論壇活動,我們很榮幸的邀請到 KPMG安侯永續發展顧問有限公司 董事總經理暨KPMG 氣候變遷與企業永續服務亞太區負責人 黃正忠 (Niven Huang)先生 與 前英僑商會執行長 Steven Parker , 分享對社會企業思維的見解,以及對台灣和英國社會企業創新成功與困難的主要觀察。

黃正忠 (Niven Huang)

身為 KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co., Ltd 台灣區總經理,Niven Huang 將分享對亞太地區日益增長的社會創新運動的重要觀察,尤其是台灣。即使在這些充滿挑戰的時期,Niven 也希望通過引起人們對潛在機會的關注並從中發現一線生機。

Steven Parker

英僑商會前任執行長 暨 現任 廷漢企業有限公司 執行長 Steven Parker 是社會企業的熱情倡導者,在本次線上論壇中,將重點介紹英國作為社會企業創新之先驅與一些成功案例。於2017年Steven 將深入了解台灣的共識與企業夥伴KPMG 共創 BCCT Better Business Awards 優良企業貢獻獎- 最佳社會企業獎,對在台灣對社會環境有貢獻之公司組織加以表揚,今年將是本獎項第5屆。於演講的最後,Steven將會提及為何社會企業理念將成為未來的新工作型態。 

歡迎大家報名參與我們 7 月 29 日 晚間BCCT與KPMG共同舉辦的社會企業創新論壇活動! 

本次活動會以主要 英語 中文為輔 進行。

Note 提醒: 

This webinar will be conducted via ZOOM. You will receive an email with a ZOOM meeting ID and password before the event. Please make sure your email address is valid, and don't forget to check your junk box as well.

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