British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCTaipei) is a value-adding resource that champions the business and social interests of its members in Taiwan. Made up of large and small corporations, individuals, and overseas associations, BCCTaipei is a strong and cosmopolitan mixture of successful enterprises in diverse industries.
BCCTaipei acts as a key resource for UK companies interested in the Taiwan market by ensuring that businesses, especially SMEs, have a direct line to assistance and networks. They provide landing pad services and offer a united but unbiased commercial perspective on all issues affecting British business interests in Taiwan, and Taiwan business interests in the UK.
BCCTaipei provides a broad range of membership activities and events including business networking opportunities and free-for-member Talent Development Workshops. BCCTaipei also has a number of Signature Events including the St Andrew's Ball, Charity Golf and Football Tournaments, and the Christmas Charity Auction. We also have a number of specific events, large and small, throughout the year focusing on CSR, Young Professional Development and Women in Business.
The Chamber is housed inside the British Office and shares a very close relationship to the Foreign Office, Department for Business & Trade and the British Council, and holds periodic joint events with other foreign chambers.
In conjunction with membership activities, BCCTaipei has donated over 18 million NT dollars to local Taiwanese charities, and has an active programme to support the CSR initiatives of its members in Taiwan.

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Your BCCT monthly Shaken Not Stirred includes Gin and a light gourmet meal. Come meet old friends and make new ones in a relaxed, informal setting.

This month we are happy to have Distell presenting Tobermory Gin. Register today to enjoy the golden taste of their Gin!

What are you going to have at this month's SNS:

Inspired by the expressive nature of Mull, we add a splash of spirit from the Tobermory whisky stills to create a unique character for our award winning gin. Distilled on the island with a rich palate of hand-selected botanicals including juniper, tea, heather, elderflower, sweet orange peel, and just a little bit of knowledge from our 220 years of history.

Our Botanicals

Tobermory Gin starts life as a blank canvas. The base spirit we use has been distilled over and over until it is just that. Clean, fresh and ready to take on a colourful array of flavour.

All of the botanicals are steeped for a minimum of 24 hours in our base spirit. This is made up of blank canvas (Grain Neutral Spirit) and our very own spirit from our Tobermory whisky stills.



托本莫瑞琴酒創造靈感來自茂爾島上豐富的自然景觀,並從將近 220 年歷史的托本莫瑞酒廠中,提取部分的蒸餾酒添加到富有茂爾島自然草本植物的琴酒中,獨特清新的茂爾島琴酒風味,獻給喜愛獨一無二琴酒的老饕們。

  • 銅製蒸餾器 Proper Copper 

Tobermory Gin 堅持選用傳統的 John Dore&Co 的銅製壺式蒸餾器。

  • 唯一採用茂爾島出產的花草茶製作的琴酒

茶選用 'the Revs' garden 的赫布賴丹茶,是Tobermory Gin的精隨。

  • 隨四季變化,採用當地當季草本植物製作

採用島上當季當地生產的草本植物浸泡整整 24 小時後 (包含: 杜松子、茶葉、石楠花、接骨木、以及甜橙皮),與Tobermory 蒸餾酒完美結合,調製出清新香氣及口感的Tobermory Gin。


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Standard PriceTW$ 1,500



Hotel Indigo Taipei North

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