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Communication Skills for Career Development: How to Communicate your Value and Contribution 

Do you find it difficult to really communicate your value? Do you feel frustrated that you can't fully express your ideas in a structured and concise way? Would you like to improve your communication skills, so you can impress international colleagues or succeed in interviews with international hiring managers?


If your answer is 'yes', this event will provide you with valuable insights and practical examples of effective communication that can create a positive impression and help you achieve your career objectives.


What will you learn?


In this event, you'll learn the importance of communicating in a structured and concise way. You'll learn that in many situations, how you communicate is just as important as what you say. A person who communicates in a structured and concise way demonstrates clarity of thought and the ability to organize and communicate ideas effectively.


More specifically, in this event you'll learn:


  • how you can use communication skills to deliver a compelling message concisely ensuring that you create a positive impression
  • how you can communicate assertively and proactively rather than passively
  • how to add value rather than simply answer questions
  • how to avoid making common communication mistakes that undermine your career plans.
  • how to present ideas strategically, demonstrating your leadership communication skills
  • how to use conversation management skills to maintain a leadership role in a conversation


Who is the event for?

  • This event is perfect for Taiwanese professionals who would like to present themselves professionally and communicate their value, whether in a job interview or when working with international colleagues or customers.

*Note: Due to COVID 19, we will need all guests to fill in the Travel and Health Declaration online during registration. This is for all the participant's health safety and follows the Local Taiwan regulations. Thank you for your understanding in advance.



3:45 PM - 4 PM
4 PM - 6 PM
Training Workshop


  • Brian Mccloskey (General Manager and Lead Trainer at NextGen CLT)

    Brian Mccloskey

    General Manager and Lead Trainer at NextGen CLT

    Brian is a meticulous, goal-oriented and energetic professional with 30 years of experience in China and Taiwan in the field of education and training. He has broad industry experience including Training Design & Delivery, Instructional Design & Content Development, Operations Management, Performance Management, General Management, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources and Business Leadership.

    Brian is a specialist in designing blended learning training programs that integrate e-learning content with face2face Instructor-Led Training events. An experienced and talented content developer, Brian combines vision, creativity and a deep understanding of teaching and learning theory to design innovative training content for corporate clients.

    With strong management, leadership and communication skills, Brian excels in building, leading and motivating teams. Planning and implementation are his strengths and he’s passionate about setting and achieving goals and objectives. Brian has a proven track record of establishing, managing and growing educational companies and business units both in the online virtual space and in offline training facilities.

    Specialties: Corporate Language Training. Educational Design & Delivery. Project Planning & Execution. Leadership & Management. Operational Management. Performance Management. Communication & Organizational Skills. Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

    He can be contacted at

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British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

26F, President International Building
No 9-11 Song Gao Road

Taipei, Taiwan

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