Want to get together with your mentorship partner?

What better way than to participate in our collaborative climate action workshop!

Join this exclusive Women in Business mentorship mid-term check event to continue raising awareness about the importance of climate action.

We're delighted to be cooperating with Climate Fresk once again, a non-profit organisation focusing on tackling climate change.

Together, we can make a difference! 

Limited seats available! Register now! 

Understand climate change in 3 hours

 "Climate change is often dealt with in one aspect only (fires, floods, melt etc.), without understanding the subject as a whole. This lack of perspective is disarming and anxiety-provoking: we are told everywhere that there is an emergency, without understanding why or how to act." (Source: https://climatefresk.org/)

Want to help tackle climate change but don't have the time to become a climate scientist?

In just 3 hours, the collaborative Climate Fresk workshop will teach you the fundamental science behind climate change and empower you to take action as a citizen of the world.

Climate Fresk in 4 points

· In order to take action and build solutions, we first need to understand the problem. 

· Climate Fresk is a powerful tool for providing a quality climate education. 

· It is a scientific, collaborative, creative and fun workshop to learn about climate change in 3 hours.

· It is accessible to anyone and can be scaled quickly within an organisation or community


5:30 PM - 6:00 PM
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Training Workshop


BCCTaipei 2023 Mentorship Programme Participant

BCCTaipei 2023 Mentorship Programme Participants only

Standard Price Complimentary


British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

26F, President International Building
No 9-11 Song Gao Road

Taipei, Taiwan

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