【Meet the CXO】太陽能及能源管理剖析!微電能源負責人Mindi分享會

本次Young Professionals Committee為各位邀請知名太陽能企業、台灣第一家以能源管理角度出發的能源綜合服務商——微電能源負責人Mindi來為大家分享。






1. 如何在創業前就成功獲得資金支持?

2. 如何早早就布局現今最夯的再生能源?

3. 如何帶領公司快速成長,計畫未來三年IPO的創業路程

4. 從台大、新加坡金融業再到能源產業,不斷成功的人生歷程




微電能源致力於推展「能源數位化」發展,建構「能源互聯網 (Power Internet)」,其主要客戶是台電,以及有財務型投資需求的機構組織,例如壽險業者、金融業者或大型企業。





The Young Professionals Committee invites you to a talk by Mindi, Head of Micro Electricity, Taiwan's first comprehensive energy service provider focused on energy management.


In 2014, Mindi secured funding from the Fu Hua family for a then-unpopular topic, showcasing his vision, broad perspective, and ability to build relationships and earn trust. His journey includes studying Electrical Engineering and Economics at NTU, working in Singapore's financial sector, and leading Micro Electricity with plans for an IPO in the next three years.


Mindi's talk will cover:

  • Securing funding before starting a business
  • Early strategic positioning in renewable energy
  • Leading rapid company growth and planning an IPO
  • A successful career journey from NTU to the energy industry


About Micro Electricity

Micro Electricity promotes "energy digitisation" and the "power Internet." Its main clients are Taiwan Power Company and financial institutions. The company focuses on solar power plant development, energy data integration, and providing a value chain connecting energy to investment, offering green energy strategies, ESG strategies, and innovative collaborations.


* Please note that the event will be conducted in Chinese.

* Finger food and drinks are included with the ticket price.


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Mina WU

Co-Founder of Legere Co., Ltd

王愍廸 Mindi


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